4th Program-Lao Professional Investment Banking I is Now Open

                              Date: 16.05.2016
                              Source: LSX
                              4th Program-Lao Professional Investment Banking I is a curriculum under a joint cooperation between Lao Securities Exchange (LSX), Faculty of Economics and Business Management, National University Of Laos (FEB, NUOL) and APM (Lao) Securities Company Ltd., (APMLAO).

The course focuses on providing the public with the knowledge on accounting, financial statements analysis, and other financial fields which are very practical for the management level, the interested investors and professionals in capital market.

During the training, there are various of interesting topics related to the mechanism and structure of financial market (Money and Capital Markets), financial information and analysis, financial products and evaluation in capital market, role of broker and securities trading, role of investment banking, role of Lao Securities Commission Office (LSCO), Corporate Governance, Financial Strategies and portfolios investment, including the regulations and laws regarding securities market.

The lectures on such topics will be given by the highly experienced trainers either in Laos and from abroad, such as, LSCO, LSX, NUOL,APMLAO, University of The Thai Chamber of Commerce, Chiang Mai University, and National Institute of Development Administration.

Additionally, the trainees will also have a great opportunity to visit the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), securities companies, investment banking firms, and the listed companies in SET in order to observe the actual operation of those companies and be able to apply what they have learnt into their works more efficiently.

The certificate of professional broker is handing over to the trainees who could pass the examination, and the certificate holder could apply for the license from LSCO.

Starting Date of the Training: May 07th to June 12th, 2016 (only on Saturday and Sunday)

Time: Morning: 09:00-12:00 Afternoon: 13:30-16:30

Venue: Lao Securities Exchange

Registration Fee: 3,000,000 Kip (Included tuition fee, coffee break, lunch, a T-shirt and a briefcase)

Study Tour: 2,300,000 kip

Application Process:
- Download the application form attached below
- Submit the application form and required documents at Lao Securities Exchange Office, 4th Floor, LSX Building
- Transfer the registration fee to LAK 013120000400959001 (BCEL) and submit the cash deposit slip to LSX office via fax no. +856 21 454 360 or e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Or contact to:
Ms. PhetAnong MOUNLAMAY, Lao Securities Exchange, Tel: +856 20 5816 6628
Ms. Phanikone KEOLAKHONE, Lao Securities Exchange, Tel: +856 20 7761 3930
Ms. Nalin Southiyanonh, APM (Lao) Securities Company Ltd., Tel: +856 20 5555 7975
Ms. Someok Chittavanh, APM (Lao) Securities Company Ltd., Tel: +856 20 5927 6959